Linksys Velop Not Working Issue

Linksys Velop Not Working Issue- Complete Resolution

Nothing is more annoying than- Linksys Velop Not Working or stopped working suddenly.

This issue is faced by most of Linksys velop users, if you are also one of them. Who face Linksys velop not working issue.

No need to worry about it!!

In this guide, you can find out the solution of your problem, and then read carefully after implementing.

Generally, Linksys Velop offers a set of routers that can help to start better Wi-Fi connection in your office or home. Linksys is a whole-house Wi-Fi system that helps to make use of multiple routers to generate and transmit strong and reliable internet signals throughout the house.

To begin the solution, we are describing here some important aspects regarding this problem.

First you must understand why this problem situation happens or why your Linksys velop drops connection again and again.

Reasons of Linksys velop not working

Read the below steps and understand, try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

  • Check that your router and modem are connected to each other properly
  • Might be your router is overheated
  • Entering wrong Wi-Fi username and password
  • Linksys  router firmware is not updated
  • Outdated router drivers is the reason of error
  • Due to wrong IP Address
  • You put wrong IP Spelling into address bar
  • Ethernet cable is not connected correctly
  • Might be ethernet cable may be cracks
  • Try to Linksys Velop Login again

Above all are the very basic causes that are the reasons Linksys velop not working.

To move further to the solution read important things.

Things to keep in mind before troubleshooting the problem with Linksys Velop


  •  Maybe Velop must be set to the default setting, if they are not, then first push the reset button to factory reset the routers.
  • Try to Maintain or establish a link between your Linksys Velop and your PC, either wireless or with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Basic troubleshooting for Linksys Velop Not Working issue

Here are the steps:

  •  Restart your Linksys Velop and try to resolve your issue in one step. To restart the router just plug out your route from the outsource, wait for a while after that plugin your router, try login Linksys velop again and see if the issue has been resolved or not.
  • Using the stable and high-speed internet, if the network is not stable then check your internet connection and stable it.
  • Check that your Ethernet cable is connected with your router and modem with a well manner, if the connection is lost somewhere then try to reconnect again and resolve your issue.
  •  Update your router firmware and drivers with the latest version; outdated firmware is the reason for not working Linksys Velop.
  •  When you enter an IP Address in the Address bar then, check the IP Address at least one or two times, the spelling that you are typing that would be right or wrong. Because wrong IP is the reason for Linksys router stop working issue.

Here we cover the simple and easy tips at the above, in easy language we mentioned above basic resolution of this error.

Note: In-between this process if your Linksys Velop drops connection again and again then click ” Why  does Linksys velop keep disconnecting” and get back to your Linksys velop at normal stage.

If the issue is not resolved by basic troubleshooting then, feel free to jump further down for advanced and technical troubleshooting.

Advanced Troubleshooting steps

Do the following steps as it is:

Process to set-up the velop Node

Steps are as follows:

  •  First and foremost, open Google browser and enter
  • Once the setup page opens, after that click on the ‘Desktop blocking.html’ file.
  • Change the file name to ‘setup.html’.
  •  Enter the login credentials that would be your username and password. These details are mentioned on the router.
  •   Further, you can keep the ‘SSID’ and ‘password’ of your choice.
  •   Finally, click on ‘Save Set node’. This will securely save the entered details for the master node
  • Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the process of setting up the nodes.

After doing these steps, let’s try to set primary node

Process to Linksys Velop Set up Network connection

If you are facing the issue regarding the Linksys velop not working issue, follow the below steps:

  •   Launch your web browser and open the Linksys velop Login page
  •  There is a prompt to enter the username, which will be ‘admin’.
  •  Now, click on ‘CA’, which is located on the bottom of the page.
  •  After that, click on the ‘Connectivity option’ and see the network settings.
  • Next, select the ‘Wireless’ option from the connection menu and click on ‘save’ button to save changes.
  • Apply the changes and after that open ‘Linksys Velop SETUP.
  •  Furthermore, enter the SSID and password. Click on ‘set up a node’.
  • Next, Select the Parent node, Password, and then Set the Name of Node-1.
  •  Click on ‘Ok’ followed by checking the network connection.
  •  For the successful setting of the SSID, you will be able to connect the internet on your client devices
  •  To set up further Nodes, press on ‘Additional Nodes’ until the purple light starts to blink.
  • The purple light blinking refers to the setting to  ‘new node’.
  • If you are able to see the option on the screen becoming grayed out, this means your nodes have been efficiently registered and the data is easily transferring from Primary node to other nodes. Once the signals touch the rest of the nodes, you will see Purple light on them.
  • If you want to connect the primary node with the secondary node, you can establish a connection with the help of an Ethernet cable, and this will flash blue light. Once the blue light becomes continuous, you can move the secondary node according to your necessities, as it is connected to the primary node successfully.
  • Click on ‘Done’ once all the things are functioning correctly.

Most probably, you can resolve your issue here by implementing these all steps.

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